Get the weed - Trailer

DIRECTED BY Alfonso Guerrero,
Denny Brechner & Marcos Hecht


Pardelion Films & Loro Films presents Get The Weed.
A mockumentary focused on the legalization of marijuana: What happens when three comedians travel to the United States and try to get 50 tons of cannabis to take home?

The "Uruguayan Chamber of Legal Marijuana" traveled to Denver, New York and DC where met with the highest authorities of marijuana industry and legalization movement of the U.S.A. with the mission to get enough weed to supply their country.

Former President José "Pepe" Mujica participates in the film.

"Get The Weed" became a world news, collected by agencies such as Efe, AFP and dozens of media from the United States, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, among others. All of them, from Veja magazine to Spanish La Vanguardia, reflected in different ways, the astonishment for the story that the film proposes and for the actors that lead the cast.


In 2013, within the framework of the legalization of marijuana in Uruguay, we performed a hidden viral humor camera called: "Official Test - Hidden camera in marijuana pharmacy" that reaches international media such as La Nación, O Globo, The Guardian ( UK) or Le Monde (Fr) and taking advantage of this momentum, we began to shoot our first fiction feature film called: "Unofficial Mission" where a Uruguayan pharmacist and his mother travel to the United States with the secret mission of obtaining 50 tons of marijuana to supply Uruguay. The mastermind of this crazy mission is President José Mujica, which brought to the project a great local and international media interest (Buzzfeed, NTN24, La Vanguardia (es), Veja (br) and international agencies such as EFE and AFP).